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Hadrian’s Arch
Athens Free Tour Meeting Point

Conveniently located between Acropolis and Syntagma metro stations and a few meters away from the Acropolis Museum and Plaka area, our meeting point is Hadrian’s Arch. This monumental arch was constructed in the beginning of 2nd Century A.D. by the City of Athens as a gift to Hadrian, a roman emperor as a recognition of the major role he has played in the development of the city in Roman Times. Rising at a height of 18 meters and made entirely out of pentelic marble, it is impossible to miss. Once you arrive check in with one of our team members and spend some time relaxing or getting to know fellow travelers waiting for our walk to begin. Start observing the scenery around you: you are in the heart of a bustling metropolis, a melting pot of ancient greek, roman, byzantine, ottoman and modern greek heritage full of stories, mysteries and urban legends. Your journey unravelling the tales of the city is about to begin!

Top Tip: Take a look through the Arch to enjoy a spectacular view of the Holy Rock of the Acropolis, with the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka and the Monument of Lysikrates right underneath.