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Monastiraki Square

Next stop in our walking tour, is going to be Monastiraki square. Monastiraki square is considered by many to be the heart and center of modern-day Athens, a blending point for different cultures and civilizations. Whether you are interested in the traditional Flea markets, the numerous options for street food or the grande cocktail bars, everyone will find something that suits his taste here. Strolling through the quaint alleys visitors will find all sorts of treasures: from vintage photos to antique furniture, second-hand clothing and much more. But what makes Monastiraki sq. really stand out in the minds of the people is the unique way it blends history and tradition to modern life and infrastructure. Standing in the middle of the square, by having a look around, one can easily distinguish and observe the rich history of this country all laid out in front of him; from the slopes of the Acropolis, the Roman library, the glorious Byzantine church and the left out Ottoman mosque to the first metro station and modern cocktail bars. Three thousand years of history, waiting to be discovered from a single point of view in a memorable mix.